The website for Bluebomb Cyber Services has closed. Now, www.bluebomb.com is a site that links to three blogs that contain all manners of cooking, fine dining, and sharing my opinions with whoever will listen.  

    The site's name comes from the old Windows "fatal exception" or "blue screen of death" that pops up or explodes freezing your computer. Thank goodness it's a thing of the past but I choose to perpetuate the moniker.

"Cooking with bluebomb" 

I believe myself to be an epicure (read foodie) to the ultimate degree even if only in my own mind. In this column, I share some of my homemade delicacies. They aren't really meant to be recipes but can be duplicated if you want. Bon Appetit.

Since I'm such an epicure or foodie to the nth degree, even if only in my own mind, I do dine out frequently In this column, I share some of my visits to my favorite restaurants with photos of the fine, unique foods. 

Lots of Alaskans travel to Arizona and Hawaii, therefore, I try to include restaurants in Scottsdale and Waikiki.

"Traveling with Bluebomb"

This series of postings will contain a photo journal of places to which I've traveled. Some will be small sets of photos and others will have many photos and all will have descriptions as best as I can recall them.

 Anchorage Alaska is a unique place for unique people. That given, there is always one controversy or another occurring, and we Anchorage-oids pride ourselves in jumping right into the middle of them. I offer comments and opinions on some Alaskan and national issues for you to consider. Thanks for reading, Bluebomb